Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

When you think of graduated compression socks and who wears them, you probably imagine people who have specific leg issues such as swelling or blood clots. The truth is, compression socks can benefit almost everyone. Heredity and lifestyle can increase the need for gradient compression. If you are at higher risk or have family history […]

Have you assessed your incontinence needs

Have you been in the same product for more years than you can count? I have a question for you.  Think about this hard. Are you doing things to compensate for your incontinence products deficiencies? Maybe doubling product to stop leakage, how about sitting positions do you find yourself changing positions while voiding or once […]

Was it really a backorder?

Do you ever feel your supplies were delayed and someone uses the excuse they are on a backorder? What if they didn’t do what you asked them to do? Have you ever had to wait for two weeks or more for your supplies? Does your incontinence wait for a back order? Does urinary retention wait […]

You are important to us and not a number

Do you ever feel you may be a number? Is your phone call answered with an automated voice?  Does it feel like your “dial 4” for a staff directory only places you into a “dial 9” infinite loop?  Fifteen minutes later not only are you frustrated with your lack of progress, but on top of […]

simple ostomy

Just as the title reads, ostomy should be simple. Today’s ostomy products quality is unquestionable, coupled with the fact Coloplast and Hollister have a cares program for education on all the product they manufacture. Our concern is that someone is forced out of society afraid of what may happen if their wafer loses its adhesive […]

Doubling your Pads, don’t do it!

If one is good two is better.  Right? No it is not. When we talk incontinence, using product inside of other product or on top of similar product isn’t advised. This prompts the question why? In the case of a pad inside of protective underwear; you begin to add bulk to an already restricted area. […]

Your Mom told you to wash your hands not your catheters

There has been a lot of discussion lately about washing your catheter. In a pristine/sterile environment, you can have some tremendous success if you choose to wash your catheter. However, rarely do we have access to these environments.  This reason is why our manufacturers and we at Triumph recommend against it. Yes, you say we […]