Just as the title reads, ostomy should be simple. Today’s ostomy products quality is unquestionable, coupled with the fact Coloplast and Hollister have a cares program for education on all the product they manufacture.

Our concern is that someone is forced out of society afraid of what may happen if their wafer loses its adhesive or a bag fails.  This fear shouldn’t be an issue.  In today’s world of evolving product, adhesives, and wafers, you can be confident you can interact and be confident!  Still afraid of a leak or a closed bag vs. a drainable?  CHANGE.  You have options – take advantage of them.  This is your world, own it!!

On top of all of it, Triumph’s shipping program places you in the driver’s seat. We will send you a communication to get in front of your needs.  No one wants to run out of product nor should they have too. Typically, once you are ready for the product in most instances you will have your product the following day.  Never should there be more than a three or four day wait for supplies.  Call us today to learn how to make your ostomy re-supply simple!!