Was it really a backorder?

Do you ever feel your supplies were delayed and someone uses the excuse they are on “back order?”

What if they didn’t do what you asked them to do?

Have you ever had to wait for two weeks or more for your supplies?  Does your incontinence wait for a back order?  Does urinary retention wait for a catheter?

Backorders can happen, but are rarely a problem.  Typically, we see backorders originate from a manufacturing issue or new product distribution.  With that said though, our distribution centers not only hold some of the largest inventories in the U.S., they also pride themselves on quick shipments straight to your door.  So the next time you hear “back-order” or “shipping issue”, ask yourself am I asking for a new product?  Was there a change that may have prevented expedient shipping of my product and if there wasn’t, why aren’t other distribution pathways being used?

At Triumph our customer cares team understands your needs and the urgency of them.

So call us for your supplies.  Speak to a real person.  Expect the order to be placed and if there is an order concern, expect a call back to inform you of any delay.

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