Do you ever feel you may be a number?

Is your phone call answered with an automated voice?  Does it feel like your “dial 4” for a staff directory only places you into a “dial 9” infinite loop?  Fifteen minutes later not only are you frustrated with your lack of progress, but on top of it you forgot what you were even calling for?  Or maybe you found yourself off on another task and hungup.

Or how about the opposite of this, you call in to reach someone who only wants to talk about themselves. Do you really need to know about their family vacation or the time they met the lead singer for Led Zeppelin in a rest stop in California twenty years ago.

Your time is important – you want what you want and you need it now!

That’s why when you call Triumph, your phone call is answered by a knowledgeable representative.  With instant access to your past order history, we can have your re-order on its way to you only minutes after your call ends.  When you spend less time on your “To-Do” list you have more time for your “Want” list.

Time is precious we don’t want to see it go to waste.

That’s what you want right?  Stop the automated talking and start the doing!!! Call Triumph today!