Have you been in the same product for more years than you can count?

I have a question for you.  Think about this hard.

Are you doing things to compensate for your incontinence products deficiencies?

Maybe doubling product to stop leakage, how about sitting positions do you find yourself changing positions while voiding or once you have voided?

From physiology, prescription changes, anatomical changes, to even changes in your diet can affect the amount you void and the protection you need.

Rarely, is incontinence a constant. So, it important to have a well-trained professional that speaks knowledgeably about the product they sell and helps you with your needs.

We found this in a recent study and find the number staggering. This is a serious concern for your level of security. So rely on individuals that, day in and day out, work with manufacturers and product to best match client and product.

We understand it is an uncomfortable conversation. But in the end it is one that needs to be had. Therefore, we offer a professional and courteous staff to address the concerns and place you on a path for success.

Call today to learn more about you need to for your incontinence needs.