When you think of graduated compression socks and who wears them, you probably imagine people who have specific leg issues such as swelling or blood clots. The truth is, compression socks can benefit almost everyone.

Heredity and lifestyle can increase the need for gradient compression. If you are at higher risk or have family history of circulatory issues in the legs, wearing compression socks can significantly reduce your risk of developing these conditions.

How do you know you’re at risk?

Look at your lifestyle. If you spend most of your day sitting in the same place, you are likely not getting adequate blood flow in your legs throughout the day. Wearing compression can increase blood flow and improve health for those who may be more sedentary at work or at home.

Work Schedule

If you work on your feet for prolonged hours, wearing compression socks can reduce the fatigue and aches that you likely feel at the end of your day.

Active Sports

If you enjoy running or other sports, compression socks can improve your performance, reduce muscle fatigue, and reduce risk of injury.

Medical Ailments

If you have a medical condition, always talk with your doctor before wearing compression garments. Proper sizing and fitting is crucial when it comes to compression garments, so always consult a fitter to help you determine the proper garment and size.