If one is good two is better.  Right?

No it is not.

When we talk incontinence, using product inside of other product or on top of similar product isn’t advised.

This prompts the question why?

In the case of a pad inside of protective underwear; you begin to add bulk to an already restricted area. Couple that with the fact that a pad was designed as a stand alone product.  Most pads are not permeable, meaning for it to get to the next level it has to fill to its maximum capacity and then run over the sides. We try to avoid this the most. Urine making it to the sides is where the potential to leak is the greatest.

A pad on top of a pad is even worse, one shouldn’t expect the bottom pad to align and soak in any overage.

So, are you leaking or are you only anticipating a leak?

If you have properly fit and appropriate product leaking will not be a concern.

What does this mean? It means they trial and errored product until they found something that somewhat managed the issue. We spend a large part of our initial assessment talking with you about your concerns and finding nuances which make your experience unique.  It’s our goal to select the most appropriate product and then follow through with you in a trial.

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