• I’ve been using incontinence briefs for a number of months now and all of a sudden it’s beginning to leak, what should I do?

This is a common scenario, as with life our bodies are changing and our needs from month to month change. There may be a factor that has increased the amount you void. There are a number of products that address a large majority of changes. Call our office to discuss changing your product to better fit your current needs.

• I’m a middle aged man and am experiencing leakage after I urinate. This is embarrassing as it looks like I wet my pants. What do I do?

If this persists and the men’s guard is not enough protection, our discrete external condom catheter, in conjunction with a leg bag, will alleviate any issue.

• What brands of incontinence products do you carry?

We carry Kendall, Surecare, Poise, Covidien, Attends, Tranquility, First Quality, Prevail and a variety of other brands.

• What Is A Stoma?

A stoma is the opening created from surgery on the abdomen. This opening allows for the exit of stool or urine from the body. There are three types of stomas: colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy. Your stoma site is a pink and moist area on your body without nerve endings. This particular opening will be where you attach the style of ostomy bag you require.

• Will my ostomy bag smell?

While it is perfectly normal for waste products to smell, most manufacturers incorporate filters into the bags to prevent odors escaping.

• I recently was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and need to cath (or catheritize) myself on a daily basis. My doctor recommended I use a ‘coude’ catheter. What does coude mean?

A coude catheter is designed with a curved tip that allows it to pass easier through the urethra when your prostrate is enlarged.

• I’m currently using a catheter that requires the use of insertion lubricant. Is there another option?

Yes, hyrdrophilic catheters are an all-in-one system that is pre-lubricated, requires less hassle, and is easier to dispose of. This is one of Triumph’s more utilized catheters. These catheters have been proven to reduce urinary tract infections.

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