Was it really a backorder?

Do you ever feel your supplies were delayed and someone uses the excuse they are on “back order?” What if they didn’t do what you asked them to do? Have you ever had to wait for two weeks or more [...]

simple ostomy

Just as the title reads, ostomy should be simple.  Today’s ostomy products quality is unquestionable, coupled with the fact Coloplast and Hollister have a cares program for education on all [...]

Washing Your Catheter

Is washing your catheter a good idea? Ask a nurse that has been in the industry and she/he may talk to you about when we as a society saw washing catheters and needles as an appropriate practice. [...]

Doubling Up

Who would have known? Two is better than one….right? Wrong! Lately, we hear a number of clients talking about doubling product or using protective underwear at the same time they are using pads. [...]

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