Lymphedema Supplies

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Lymphedema is a growing epidemic amongst our population. Whether it be from compromised surgery inhibiting the lymphatic system or a weight induced blockage. Properly diagnosed lymphedema is happening more often than just two to three years prior.

The emergence of new garments to the redevelopment of traditional products the synergies occurring in the lymphedema field is of utmost amazement.

We at Triumph Home Health Supplies focus on education as we know the product is ineffective if you are unable to put it on or use it in a correct manner. Our friendly staff will give you the tools, tips and thoughts on donning methods to keep the product working in your favor.

Stop in or call our office to learn more on how gradient compression can help you today.

Available Supplies

Need To Know

  • Bandages
  • Wraps
  • Treatment kits
  • Compression garments
  • Skin care products

Sometimes a surgery can unintentionally compromise the lymphatic system, thus not allowing fluids to flow properly. It may be best to speak with a lymphedema therapist and your doctor to better diagnose this and start receiving treatment. Once you are being treated by a professional we can offer a number of garments to help contain the swelling.

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